PL4STIC is a miniseries composed of 4 animals in danger of extinction due to the pollution of the oceans, made by assembling plastic elements.


In 2020 would you rather go shopping or visit a museum? Or both? Art and fashion are opposites or do they follow parallel paths? To answer these questions Alessandro Malossi created MUS3UM, the reinterpretation of famous paintings through the combination of fashion accessories, technique he used also for the previous series NOAH

The Old Testament says that the Israelite Noah was ordered by God to build an ark where he would have to bring every animal, a male and a female of every species, to save them from an imminent deluge. In fact, God wanted to punish humanity for his earthly sins and chose Noah as a symbol of the last hope for the salvation of man.

“NOAH” is a collection of 15 works that Malossi reinterprets in a provocative and modern key. The legend of Noah was always told above all to the little ones to sensitize them, while in our days things have changed. In the contemporary world, characterized by materialism and the excessive consumption of luxury to establish itself in a high social rank, the artist imagines that if the story were told today, the tangible goods (sneakers, accessories) would probably go more towards safety than those humans (animals). From here, 15 animals come to life in the artist’s mind, made up of accessories from 15 different brands, one per animal.

The works are produced in the form of a photographic print mounted between Plexiglas and Dibond, the size of 110X150 cm and all dated 2019.